The TREUGAST Investment Ranking evaluates the most important hotel companies represented in Germany and Austria. The preparation of this performance-oriented rating is based on a continuously elaborated process. The rating is based on a set of 130 different criteria divided into seven criteria blocks and 40 criteria groups. It includes for example fiscal key figures, the corporate strategy as well as a portfolio analysis. Furthermore, focus is given to soft criteria such as the employment development strategy as well as the online marketing strategy. The research findings encompass a nine-level rating scheme from AAA (secured ROCE on high level) to C (absolutely insecure). The investment ranking provides investors, project developers and banks with a profound overview over the reliability and professionalism of roughly 70 hotel companies in Germany.

TREUGAST Hotel Investment Ranking
Germany: € 750.00 excl. VAT and shipping
Austria: € 395.00 excl. VAT and shipping

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