Financially distracted businesses require an in-depth analysis and the identification of potential enhancement measurements. The restructuring report provides answers to the following questions:

For operators and owners:

  • What caused the financial distress?
  • Is there a need for a strategic re-positioning?
  • What areas require indispensable optimization measures?
  • What measures have to be implemented in order to achieve an acceptable profitability?

For credit institutions:

  • What are the premises to achieve a sustainable profitability?
  • How should the financial restructuring be designed in order to obtain a sustainable profitability?
  • When and under which circumstances can interest and amortization installments be paid?
  • Fundamental decision-making tool due to the transparent presentation of the sources and the potential optimization measures
  • Overview of practice-oriented and marketable measures allowing for a prompt yield enhancement
  • Assessment of the economic performance following the implementation of the optimization measures
  • Support during the implementation of the restructuring measures
  • Preparation of reports based on the IDW S6 standards


Operators, real estate owners, credit institutions, investors


Assessment of the future feasibility of the financially distressed business and the required measures

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