For refinancing purposes, a sustainable economic performance with its risk-related volatility are the key factors to be considered. For new hotel projects, the current market conditions, the competitive environment as well as the projected business concept and the budget are the most success-relevant value drivers, whereas for existing businesses focus is given on the assessment of the hardware as well as the financial performance. Within the scope of a financial assessment, TREUGAST examines and evaluates the mentioned factors and provides answers to the following questions:

  • Is the existing / projected business concept meeting the location-specific requirements to profitably operate a hotel?
  • Which critical factors could have a threatening impact on the success of the project / property considering the market and competitive environment?
  • What is the expected operating profit before lease and capital service?
  • Consequently, what sustainable lease value and operator profit can be derived from the foregoing considerations? How sensitive is the project / property to changes of success-relevant factors?
  • Critical assessment and evaluation of the project / property considering relevant comparative figures and benchmarks of similar operations
  • Intensively tested and reliable statement about the economic capacity
  • Consistent derivation of a transparent risk assessment


Commercial banks, credit institutions, investors and other financial institutions


Objective and professional assessment of opportunities and risks of refinancing projects

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