A feasibility study is the basis for decision-making within the process of developing tourism-related projects and provides answers to the following questions:

  • How profitable is a tourism-related project at a given destination?
  • Considering the competitive environment, which positioning strategy would allow for the economic success of the planned business?
  • What will be the financial result of the business, to what amount can the lease be enforced and what is the expected return?
  • Fast elevation of the project to the next level given TREUGAST's recognized reputation as industry experts among credit institutions, investors, and hotel companies
  • Reliable decision-making tool
  • Assessment of a justifiable level of investment, return on investment, the attainable lease, the sustainability and the overall feasibility of the project


Project developers, investors, property owners, operators, municipalities, urban planners


Detailed verification of a project's feasibility under given economic circumstances

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