TREUGAST takes on the management of national and international hotels for a certain amount of time. A competent management team for the respective business, selected at the TREUGAST headquarter, will oversee the implementation of the projected measures and will make use of cost-effective synergies in order to achieve a permanent solution for the respective business. The approach of the selected management team will be recorded in a detailed transparent manuscript. The objective of the assignment is the success-oriented continuation and the long-term yield enhancement of the business.

  • Fast implementation of yield-enhancing measures
  • Creation of transparency in all relevant areas
  • Cost advantages through special purchasing agreements with the supplier industry and use of TREUGAST 's special conditions
  • Increased likelihood of financial support due to TREUGAST's reputation with credit institutions and other investors
  • Revenue and corporate image enhancement due to countinuous optimization processes
  • Improved negotiating position in case of a potential exit
  • Precise cost-planning capability due to a temporary, needs-based mandate


Owners, credit institutions, insolvency and administrative receivers


Exit through sale, lease or optimized return

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