The development of new strategies and concepts requires extensive industry knowledge and systematic approaches. On a national and international level, TREUGAST provides support to federal states, municipalities and cities; but also businesses and hotel companies with regard to the development of new ideas, strategies and concepts. For this purpose, new developments will be presented and examined with regard to an economic and organizational feasibility. In addition, TREUGAST assists with the step-by-step implementation of the recommended initiatives. Upon request, TREUGAST furthermore assists with the sale or purchase of of businesses or entire hotel companies.

  • Development of innovative and demand-based strategies and concepts based on A high methodological competence and extensive industry knowledge
  • Functional applicable solutions to be easily implemented due to a detailed action plan
  • Long-term success and competitive advantages due to professional support during the implementation
  • Calculation of the business value based on various methods


Hotel companies, federal states, municipalities, cities, national and international companies


Ensuring a successful project by using innovative and applicable strategies, concepts, sales and purchases