Both the hotel and food service industry are very dynamic and have experienced constant increases in demand and supply over the past years. Especially the market consolidation, with a growing share of branded hotels and system catering, makes it a challenge for existing operations to further develop businesses. The perspective of an external and independent industry expert will hereby not only serve as a means of identifying potentials for improvement. It rather supports the client with a targeted implementation of suitable measures in the ongoing business operation.


Furthermore, a reliable statement regarding the future profitability can increase the chances of securing cash flow from credit institutions and other investors in case the implementation of the optimization measures requires additional capital funding.


The operation analysis of TREUGAST will provide answers to the following questions:

  • Why is the business missing the target values?
  • Is there a need for optimizing the strategic orientation, the cost management or the operational implementation?
  • Which operational procedures and organizational structures need to be optimized in order to achieve the target?
  • How can yield potentials be determined in order to strengthen and grow the competitiveness sustainably? How will the business results look like after the implementation of the recommended measures?


Within the framework of the advisory mandate, TREUGAST offers, amongst other, the following services:

  • Analysis of the market and competitive environment
  • Evaluation of the positioning strategy and the competitiveness of the property
  • Benchmarking of the operational performance
  • SWOT analysis of the business operation
  • Preparation of a practice-oriented task list pertaining measures aiming at increasing yields in a timely manner
  • Forecast of the profitability considering the implementation of the suggested measures


Hoteliers and restaurateurs, owners, credit institutions


Ensuring and optimizing the profitability by exploiting the existing success factors and creating new potentials for success

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