Hotels are specialist commercial properties with complex requirements. Oftentimes, complex questions requiring expert opinions arise when trying to ensure successful investments. Within the framework of hotel asset management, TREUGAST takes care of hotels and hotel portfolios on behalf of the client from the acquisition or pre-opening stage over the ongoing operation to a successful exit. Experienced TREUGAST asset managers contribute substantial added value to clients at any stage of the investment cycle aiming for the optimization of returns on investments made. By offering a performance-based fee agreement, we create a win-win situation between the asset manager and the owner.

TREUGAST hotel asset management provides answers to the following questions:

  • Does the operator agreement reflect the owner interests in an appropriate manner?
  • Does the owner unleash the full potential of the property?
  • Are the operator's total costs including the management fee and other hidden costs reasonable?
  • How does the hotel perform in comparison to the overall market and its competitors?
  • Is the budget realistically achievable and what are likely risks that could lead to deviations from the budget?
  • Is there any unexploited potential for sales growth or cost savings?
  • Are the investment priorities set correctly?
  • What is the right timing for a sale of the hotel property?

Within the framework of the advisory mandate, TREUGAST offers, amongst others, the following services:

  • Strategic advisory of the owner with regard to the hotel
  • Takeover of representative owner tasks and on-site visits
  • Challenging the operative strategy and tactics set out by the operator
  • Regular reporting to the owner
  • Validation of the operating as well as the investment budget
  • Co-operative and counseling approach with the hotel operator


Owners of hotel properties, investors, credit institutions


Sustainable and steady optimization of the hotel performance or the hotel portfolio performance in accordance with the client's objectives and requirements