Managerial control measurements are often neglected as the operational day-to-day business takes precedence. Nevertheless, a thorough and correct analysis of the economic performance is crucial to ensure the long-term success of a business. Within the framework of controlling, TREUGAST examines the company's economic figures, prepares the data in accordance with industry standards and presents the results as well as the derived conclusions. The client identifies potential threats and is able to derive the right operational and economic consequences in a timely manner.

The services of controlling and reporting by TREUGAST include the following:

  • Transfer of comprehensive know-how based on in-depth knowledge of processes in all operational areas
  • Fast and straightforward data integration using the management information system SoluMIS
  • Qualified decision-making scorecard for operational and strategic areas
  • Early recognition of potential threats
  • Process optimization in all operational and administrative areas


Owners, operators, credit institutions, funds, insolvency and administrative receivers


Long-term optimization / stabilization of the economic results

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