Whether you are a fresh graduate from university and eager to explore all facets of the consulting world as a research analyst or you already have significant work experience to begin as a (Junior) Consultant - TREUGAST offers a broad spectrum of entry opportunities.

In your role as a research analyst, you can make a difference from day one and contribute significantly to the completion of different tasks and projects. After a short familiarization period, you will take over responsibility for individual tasks in close coordination with the project team members and colleagues

The next step on your career path could be Junior Consultant, which is usually taken after a period of 12 months. In this position, responsibility is taken for individual tasks in projects. Furthermore, you will be the direct contact person for newly hired research analysts.

After 18 to 24 months and depending on the individual performance, a promotion to consultant could be a subsequent step. Due to your experience and expertise, you will work individually and take over responsibility for the majority of a project. As an internal project manager, it is your responsibility to ensure a timely and qualitative completion of the project as well as to lead the project team members. In addition, being a contact person for our clients as well as the acquisition of new projects are part of the expanded task profile of a consultant. In general, this position is occupied for a couple of years before moving on."

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