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Tuesday, 2017-08-22

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CEO Operations

Thomas Schlieper
CEO Operations
Tel: +49 (0) 761 - 22 42 4


For a defined period, TREUGAST undertakes the management of hotel businesses in Germany and abroad. The experienced team members of the TREUGAST head office choose a proficient management for the particular business, control the measures that need to be implemented and use cost optimizing synergy effects leading the business to a durable solution. An action plan transparently describes the approach of the management team at any stage. The objective of the assignment is the success-oriented continuation and a long-term increase of the business’ profitability. The optimization of the results improves the negotiating positions for a potential exit.

  • Quick implementation of measures causing better return on investment
  • Establishing transparency in all relevant areas
  • Cost advantages resulting from purchasing negotiations with the suppliers and the opportunity of using the special conditions negotiated by TREUGAST
  • Increasing the chance of assuring the cash flow due to high recognition of TREUGAST amongst financial institutions and other investors
  • Improving revenue and image by continuously optimizing processes
  • Improved negotiating position for a potential exit
  • Precise planning of costs resulting from a customized mandate that is limited to a certain time period

Awarding authority
Owners, financial institutions, liquidators and sequestrates

Objective:  Exit by selling, leasing or an optimized restoration