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Wednesday, 2017-08-23

Expert opinions issued by TREUGAST base on individual benchmark data, specific market analyses and project relevant background information. The results are reliable and precise.


Services for the hospitality-industry

For more than 25 years TREUGAST acts as a realiable partner for the hotel industry and ranks amongst the leading consulting companies in Europe in the following sections today

  • Accommodation: Hotel business, hostels, serviced apartments
  • Resorts: (Medical) wellness, golf and holiday resorts
  • Gastronomy: Individual and professional caterer, communal feeding
  • Leisure Industry: Holiday centers, leisure facilities, theme parks
  • Tourism Industry: Tourism destinations, airports, train stations
  • Health Care: Rehab clinics, foster homes, hospitals, retirement homes
  • Sports: Golf facilities, arenas, stadiums
  • Fair and conference industry: Exhibition halls, congress centers, meeting facilities
  • Nightlife: Event locations, bars, clubs

With a key focus on the individual definition of a project, the tailor-made consulting activities promptly purvey target oriented findings in form of expertise, strategies, implementations and services. Years of experience and expertise provide decision-makers with the planning reliability, which is essential for the development and execution of projects within the tourism environment.